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Grads Are Migrating and That Means Growth for Everyone


The New York Times chronicled the phenomenon of recent college grads – young professionals with entry-level income and, likely, a five-figure debt – opting to live in downtown urban areas rather than more affordable suburbs. However, this trend wasn’t exclusive to popular cities like New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC, but even blue-collar cities like Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

As the next generation of professionals move to the city, corporations are following after them. For cities that are already thriving, this means further growth and expansion. For small cities, this economic influx will revitalize and reinvent. The fact remains: Prosperous or disadvantaged, inward migration is good for any city.

However, as business and population grows, so too must infrastructure. From a building perspective, cities will grow – sometimes out, but likely up. As cities evolve, technologies must adapt. Here at the forefront of cooling and heating innovation, we provide versatile products that can handle these new and space-demanding trends. The compact design of commercial products like our CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are a fit in most any application, especially in the mixed-use facilities that are likely to come from the demands of both a residential and commercial market.

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