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Get In the Zone: Extreme How-To Features Mitsubishi Electric

According to a recent article in Extreme How-To, titled “Get in the Zone – Zone Heating for the Home,” occupants spend an average of 80 percent of their time in only 20 percent of the home. To help homeowners stay warm this winter, without spending unnecessary energy and money on conditioning their entire space, the article chronicles the most basic to the most efficient ways to reap the benefits of zoned heating.

January 20_Extreme How To ImageThe article covers all the options, from adjusting vents in unoccupied rooms to individualized space heating, but lists our very own Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ (H2i®) MSZ-FH ductless zoning system as one of the most efficient choices available. Mentioned in its “Hot Products for a Warmer Home” section, the article cites the system’s quick installation, smaller size, individualized comfort capabilities and industry-leading efficiency.

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