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Fulfilling an Idaho Homeowner’s Need for Personalized Comfort and On-the-go Control

Fulfilling an Idaho Homeowner's Need for Personalized Comfort and On-the-go Control

After Tayson Rockefeller bought a charming log cabin in the foothills of Idaho’s Big Hole mountain range, one of the first home projects was swapping out his inefficient, outdated, fossil fuel-burning HVAC system.

Rockefeller was done worrying whether propane trucks could reach his rural property, and he wanted a system capable of providing both heating and cooling. Most of all, he desired energy efficiency. He started researching manufacturers and soon discovered a high-performance heat pump system from our Zoned Comfort Solutions® lineup able to meet his requirements.

“Having an electric solution that has the benefit of not only heating, but heating and cooling, was a very fortunate find for me,” said Rockefeller.

Fox Creek Heating out of nearby Driggs, Idaho, was hired to install the home’s new system, which included Wall-mounted Indoor Units and remote control through kumo cloud®, Mitsubishi Electric’s controls app for smartphones. As a technology lover, the ability to control his heating and air-conditioning system from anywhere was a major win for Rockefeller.

“We can check our heating; we can check the temperature the house is. It gave me not only the convenience of being able to change [the temperature] but also the peace of mind,” explained Rockefeller.

The system also resolved a concern many homeowners in the Teton Valley area face: cold-climate performance. The Rockefeller home’s system uses Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology, allowing it to perform at 100 percent of rated capacity in outdoor ambient temperatures as low as 5° F. For Idaho homeowners like Rockefeller, having a high-performance mechanical system can make a world of difference when extreme winter weather hits.

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