Life in a city row home means enjoying a smaller footprint and access to downtown. It also means HVAC challenges resulting from the layout of row homes, including uneven solar gain and humidity issues. For old and tight row homes, especially, upgrading outdated HVAC systems can be a daunting challenge.

Fortunately, this is where our dual-zone ductless system saved the day for Chris Knipe and Connie Romano, owners of a century-old row home in Philadelphia. Knipe chose our technology over the high-velocity system his friend recommended because of our system’s small footprint and zoning ability. Knipe also preferred our system’s discrete operation: “The [Mitsubishi Electric] system is extremely quiet with no whistle. It’s almost like it’s not even there. Even the compressor is quiet. The high-velocity system we saw was a lot noisier.”

HVAC Contractor  ECI Comfort Solutions, Inc., also preferred our dual-zone system for its moisture control: “Humidity is a big issue in row homes. Ductless has a humidity setting, and with the inverter there’s a longer run time, so the air moves over the coils for a longer time, pulling moisture out of the air.”

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