Product News

Expanded Revit Families Enhance Specifying Experience

Users can now specify our products and systems more easily and quickly with our expanded offering of families of files that work within the high-quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) software interface, Autodesk Revit® (Revit).

The expanded offering features 115 Revit families, which include all of our products on the market through 2013. The new content offering provides a faster optimization of building design and allows professionals to bring their ideas to life while saving time and money directly from their desktop. The models are loaded with features to get the most out of BIM:

  • MEP connectors.
  • Shared parameters.
  • Complete manufacturer metadata.
  • Geometry that is constrained to references.

Also available are 3-D CAD files, schedules for each equipment type as well as PDF content guides and tutorials for each model.

Watch the YouTube video above to learn more about our Revit updates. Click here to start using our products in your building designs.