Exceeding High-Performance Expectations

Homeowners and consumers are becoming more familiar with performance construction concepts and how product choices impact comfort, health, efficiency and overall durability.

While you know the performance you want from your home, you may not understand how mechanical systems can help solve design challenges. For example, your HVAC contractor might recommend a ductless HVAC system to reduce the risk of imbalanced air pressure and energy loss caused by air leaks or blockages in ductwork. Or if you have a newly-constructed high-performance home, your HVAC contractor might recommend a mix of ducted and ductless variable-capacity HVAC units to manage low loads. Your HVAC contractor’s expertise and the technical support available to your project team can determine whether your home meets your goals for long-term energy savings, indoor air quality and overall comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Performance Construction Team

Incorporating experienced professionals into the project team can help your builder more effectively achieve your goals, solve development issues and help your home qualify for green certifications such as ENERGY STAR®, net-zero or Passive House status. The Mitsubishi Electric Performance Construction Team specializes in HVAC, but brings a unique, comprehensive knowledge of building science, best practices and how building components impact efficiency. Partnering with this team connects your builder with a specialized consultant for all HVAC, ventilation and overall comfort inquiries, giving them the professional support they need to meet or exceed your expectations.

For example, when the Kuntz family wanted to build a home in Monroe, Georgia, they set their sights on developing a property that would consume zero energy, incur no debt and use long-lasting materials. They also wanted to achieve a low Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) score. Their builder worked in tandem with Mitsubishi Electric’s Performance Construction Team to ensure the indoor atmosphere requirements were met.

“Consumers today are extremely interested in having healthy homes and will pay to ensure that there are less contaminants such as radon, pesticides and so on,” explained Chad Gillespie, senior manager of performance construction, METUS. “We assist with the HVAC design and recommend other mechanical products that we trust to achieve our clients’ goals. Our team works to provide optimal air quality and a truly healthy home.” Gillespie and his team recommended that the Kuntz’s builder install Zoned Comfort Solutions® ductless heat pumps, a third-party energy recovery ventilator, dehumidifier and photovoltaic solar panels. The combination helped the home achieve an ultra-low HERS score of -13, a huge win for the family.

Ultimately, designing the home as a whole system with interdependent parts was critical for the success of the project and a hallmark of Mitsubishi Electric’s Performance Construction Team. To learn more about the team and what they can offer you in developing your dream high-performance home, visit www.metahvac.com/performance-builder.