Mitsubishi Electric Prefabricated home

Even as the U.S. housing market has bounced back from the 2007 crash, its labor force hasn’t seen the same reverberation and remains reduced. The industry is now prompted to consider alternatives to the traditional building process to meet reinvigorated homebuyer demand. One solution: prefabricated homes.

“Prefab” homes have been around since the 1960s, but demand took off after the housing market collapse. These assembly-line-produced homes require fewer laborers, but can be built more efficiently and increase the quality of the home.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Zoned Comfort Solutions® fit well within the processes that produce modular, panelized and pre-cut homes. Compact split-ductless equipment does not require ductwork and in some modular applications can be partly installed on the factory floor before the home is permanently assembled. This can further reduce the time and cost of installation, in addition to providing energy-efficient conditioning for prefabricated residences.

Our ductless models, such as the EZ Fit™ Recessed Ceiling Cassette and SLZ-KF Four-Way Ceiling Cassette, or classic Wall-Mounted Indoor Units, are great options with their compact sizing and aesthetically-pleasing design flexibility.

The systems also come in a variety of capacities, helpful for builders constructing these smaller-scale homes within controlled environments, where it’s crucial to have the right-size equipment available to keep production on schedule. Building in a controlled environment also limits contamination and delays due to weather, making production schedules more reliable. Tighter control of processes helps builders limit waste and produce homes that exceed code in terms of energy efficiency and performance. Prefabricated homes can have air-tight envelopes and incorporate recycled materials, solar panels and high performance mechanical systems to help homeowners save money on utility bills as they enjoy comfortable, high-quality homes.

When it comes to home building, factory-made has become even more attractive.  Prefab homes, with energy-efficient features and tightly-controlled manufacturing processes, can offer significant cost-savings for homebuyers.

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