Earth Day 2021 – Changes Today Can Make a Better Tomorrow

Each year, Earth Day evokes visions of planting trees, starting a garden or participating in a community trash clean-up program. These are all wonderful outdoor activities that benefit your community and the planet! That said, there are also a variety of small, but significant changes you can make at home to positively impact the environment all year, instead of just one day out of the year!

The average American household produces a significant amount of carbon pollution with housing accounting for 33.6 percent of the U.S. total carbon emissions. Most emissions come from fossil-fuel burning equipment and systems including gas stoves, boilers and fireplaces. Choosing all-electric or mostly electric appliances and mechanical systems can reduce your home’s pollution output and save you utility costs.

Where to Start?

You may be thinking, “where do I even start?” Mitsubishi Electric is here to help! With roughly 20 percent of U.S. household greenhouse gas emissions coming from heating and cooling, upgrading your heating and air-conditioning system is a great first step. It’s important to select electric systems that operate efficiently and minimize energy consumption. Our Zoned Comfort Solutions® line of high-performance mini-split heat pumps use an INVERTER-driven compressor. This innovative technology allows the system to reach and maintain your set point temperature with the least amount of energy. This method of operation provides year-round comfort for your family without the energy waste or emissions of traditional fossil-fuel burning systems, compared to traditional, centralized heating and air-conditioning systems which run at full power to reach set point and then shut off (causing large energy spikes).

Another feature to look for when considering switching to all-electric heating and cooling? ENERGY STAR® certification. This national program highlights mechanical systems and appliances that offer high-efficiency operation for the homeowner. All of our Zoned Comfort Solutions either meet or exceed this standard and are a great option whether you’re developing a new home, renovating or just fixing a hot or cold spot.

What’s In It For You?

If you’re making the commitment to upgrade your systems for the betterment of the environment, it’d be nice if these changes also provided benefit for your family. Good news: moving away from fossil-fuel burning systems removes concerns about combustion fume exposure, helping improve your home’s indoor air quality. Additionally, products in our line of mini-split and multi-split Zoned Comfort Solutions have filters and features that reduce contaminants in each room or zone of your home. For example, the Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit is equipped with our patented, industry-first Dual Barrier Coating. Applied on the inside of the unit’s heat exchangers, vanes, air duct and blower wheel, the coating combats potentially aggravating airborne particles that can cause buildup overtime. With so much time spent in our homes over the last year, upgrading your heating and cooling system can be a welcome change for both your family’s wellness and your environment.

This Earth Day, think about the small upgrades you can make at home that will impact tomorrow. To learn more about Zoned Comfort Solutions, please visit