December 3_Ductless on Every Job - Holiday Guests ImageIn the past two months, we’ve shared many situations where ductless is the perfect comfort solution, as part of our Ductless on Every Job campaign. We’re back with another unique way ductless can solve a common challenge for homeowners, especially during this time of the year: maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for guests without having to spend an excess of money on utilities.

The holidays are the few times in the year where the whole family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews – is together in the same place at the same time. It’s when family members are able to catch up on each other’s lives, share stories and create new memories. But to the HVAC world, what does the holiday time mean?

  • More people in the house for longer periods of time than usual means more body heat.
  • More of the everyday activities like cooking and showering naturally raising the indoor temperature.
  • Uneven temperatures created within the home as cold, outdoor air enters through the front door as company comes and goes.
  • Fires in the fireplaces will warm the room they’re located in and make for a cozy atmosphere, but they’ll also create cold drafts within the home as the conditioned air gets sucked into and escapes up the chimney.

Ductless technology prevents homeowners from having to add “Thermostat Watchdog” to their hosting responsibilities. Ductless systems use an intelligent INVERTER-driven compressor that ramps up to meet the homeowner’s desired temperature and then delivers only the amount of heating or cooling necessary to maintain that set temperature, providing constant comfort to homeowners and their guests, regardless of the number of people or what’s going on in the house.

Farewell to the family arguments over what the thermostat should be set to, too. The zoning feature of ductless technology provides the ability to have precise temperature control for each individual room. Depending on where they come from and the climate they’re used to, each guest can control their room’s temperature to meet their comfort needs, without having to play Rock-Papers-Scissors for control over the thermostat. Best of all, the energy-efficient design of a ductless system means homeowners can avoid the sticker shock of higher utility bills when the holiday is over and the company has left.

And for those who will be spending the holiday out of town, our meZO Controller app, compatible with iPhones and iPads, gives homeowners the ability to control their home’s comfort system from anywhere in the world. This means homeowners can shut off their ductless system using the Internet and turn it back on to come back to a warm and comfortable home.

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