Case Study

Ductless HVAC Systems: Tried and True

When sports broadcaster Smokin’ Al Koken isn’t reporting from the sidelines of a Washington, D.C., sporting event, he’s watching it from the comforts of his home just like everyone else. But after 20 years of trying to watch his favorite teams while listening to radiator pipes clanging in the winter and dealing with inadequate cooling from just one A/C window unit in the summer, the radio and TV personality realized that his home really just wasn’t that comfortable.

Koken found the solution to his cooling and heating problem when he hired Grove Heating and Cooling to install our ductless systems in his longtime home. Now, with the zoning capabilities of his six indoor ductless units, Koken can cool and heat each room in his house to exactly how he wants it.

Watch this testimonial video to hear more from Koken on how our HVAC system has made his at-home game time experience that much more enjoyable.