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Distributor Conference 2015: A Look into our Future

March 13Earlier this week, we dined on the stage of Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® after many brave members of our Mitsubishi Electric family volunteered to act out different scenes. We look forward to gathering with our distributors annually for the opportunity to bond and discuss growth opportunities and new initiatives.

This week, Mark Kuntz, Senior Vice President, discussed exciting new products and projects in the works to look out for this year.

As the economy is on a steady upward trend, we invited our veteran Distributor Conference speaker and economist Jeff Dietrich, PhD, Senior Analyst of ITR Economics, to speak on the current state of the economy and what it means for us and our like-family distributors. Good news for the industry: the improving economy has led to an increase in both residential sales and new construction. Jeff foresees the upward trend to continue to rise over the next few years leading sales in our industry to thrive.

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