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Diamond Contractor Stories: Scott Libby - Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Blog
Diamond Contractor Stories: Scott Libby

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors® have met multiple requirements to earn the title of Diamond Contractor®, Diamond Contractor® Preferred or Diamond Contractor® Elite status. Let’s get to know some of these contractors!

Scott Libby, Royal River Heat Pumps, Freeport, Maine

Many people associate the southeast coast of Maine with a couple of things: a demographic of middle-aged, green-minded professionals with an above-average median income and cold winters. All of these played a significant role in how Scott Libby, owner of Royal River Heat Pumps in Freeport, Maine, built his business. Cold climates and his customers’ commitment to energy efficiency led Libby to focus his product offerings and services on Mitsubishi Electric systems, specifically, split-ductless heat pump systems.

A majority of Libby’s work comes from residential retrofit projects. An increasing number of Maine homeowners recognize how modern heat pumps can keep them warm, even in freezing winters. They’ve put aside outdated ideas about heat pump limitations and are swapping fossil-fuel burning furnaces for electric systems.

The demand for ductless systems is driven by an energy-efficient mindset common among Mainers, who are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels to heat their homes. The mindset is further incentivized by the state’s utility companies offering cash rebates for qualifying systems, including split-ductless.

Why Split-Ductless?

“Only about 5% of homes in my area have existing ductwork, so split-ductless is our bread and butter,” says Libby. “We have some pushback from a design standpoint, but we resolve that by laying out a plan, walking through the home with the customer and determining a solution for where the units can be installed in the least obtrusive ways. When we run the numbers on efficiency and anticipated costs savings, most of those design concerns disappear.”

Why Mitsubishi Electric?

Royal River Heat Pumps specializes in Mitsubishi Electric systems and in 2015 became part of the Diamond Contractor® Elite program. The Diamond Contractor program acknowledges contractors’ commitment to Mitsubishi Electric products through advanced training efforts.

“Focusing our services on one area makes us more reliable to customers,” says Libby. “Since our product offering isn’t as diversified as other companies, we can consistently stock enough parts. We also hone our training efforts on a small number of products, allowing us to gain a full understanding of how they are engineered, installed and serviced rather than trying to retain that knowledge on a slew of different products from different brands. We come to any job confident in the services we can provide with Mitsubishi Electric equipment.”

If you would like to become part of the Diamond Contractor® program, please visit metahvac.com/diamondcontractor.