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Diamond Contractor News: Connecticut Contractor Goes Green

We love it when our Diamond Contractors share our passion for green building. Not only does Jonathan Duncklee of Duncklee Cooling & Heating in Stonington, Conn., offer energy-efficient solutions to customers (in the form of our ductless systems, of course), but he’s put his money where his mouth is and has undertaken a green renovation of his company’s office building. Duncklee was able to take advantage of Connecticut’s statewide rebate programs that incentivize green building practices.

Here’s what Duncklee had to say: “We are an energy company, this is what we do. Even though we offer cooling and heating, we are aware of renewable energy, and are always looking to offer our own customers the best, most efficient products. And here was our state government offering us an opportunity to make some advance movement into renewable to make our own business cleaner and more profitable at the same time.”

To read more about Duncklee Cooling & Heating’s story, check out the article in the Stonington Patch here.