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Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: Whole-home Solutions

Oct 28 #2 (1)2

Expanding whole-home solutions has come up at lot at the conference, which is no surprise given that it’s been identified as one of our top business strategies. Steve Scarborough, south business unit sales manager, residential, introduced the topic yesterday. “Seventy percent of homes in the United States have inadequate airflow leading to rooms that are too hot or too cold.” With 48 million existing homes in the market today, that’s a whole lot of homeowners who could benefit from whole-home solutions. Our goal, he noted, is to provide contractors with the tools that help close the deal – “ultimately, a national marketing campaign, more marketable products, fewer callbacks and a smart way to respond to homeowner demand for comfort throughout the home.”

Michelle Robb, director, product planning, and Charles Miltiades, senior product manager, controls, continued this conversation by discussing the products that help close the deal, and the thoughts that go into product design. “We’re aware that energy costs, controls systems, zone control and replacing existing equipment are big issues for contractors because they’re big issues for your customers,” Robb said.

Miltiades called out kumo cloud™ – a new app and web service enabling wireless control of our systems – as being a benefit to whole-home solutions. Homeowners will monitor and operate their HVAC systems from their smartphones – something they are increasingly demanding.

Robb is familiar with this demand, having installed a Diamond Comfort System in her own home this month – something she is confident was a good decision. She said contractors must work to educate their buyers so buyers can make their own good decisions. “Why did I buy into Diamond Comfort Systems? I’m an informed consumer because I’m in the industry, but beyond that my contractor took the time to review what the 20-year age of my ductwork meant – something I hadn’t thought about as fully. That made a big difference for me. So you need to inform your customer.”

What might customers want to hear about? Whole-home solutions and kumo cloud are a great start.