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Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: The Philosophy of ‘And’

October 27_Diamond Contractor Conference Image.docx

Mark Kuntz, our senior vice president, product strategy and engineering, just welcomed over 350 attendees to our 2015 Diamond Contractor™ Conference in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. He began by introducing four questions: “Why ductless? Why Mitsubishi Electric? Why you? Why now? All of our conference sessions will converge on one of these topics, and attendees will leave with answers to all four.”

Kuntz also explained that attendees will think about the philosophy of ‘and’. He explained that companies like Bugatti are dedicated to the individual’s experience, while organizations like the Sierra Club are dedicated to the larger community; usually organizations must focus on helping either the individual or the community. We at Mitsubishi Electric are in the incredible position of being able to help both. Kuntz said, “Giving the maximum individual benefit and the community benefit in HVAC is what drives us forward. ’Or’ is a lot easier; ‘and’ is a lot more difficult. ‘And’ requires deep, long-term innovation.”

Steve O’Brien, our vice president, residential business, then noted that that our long-term innovation dates back to 1985, when we brought ductless technology to the U.S. market. “We came, we stayed and together with all of you, we made this market successful. This would not have been possible without your support and the integrity of your professional installations.”

O’Brien continued expressing gratitude to our contractors and distribution partners, assuring attendees that they are very much in mind when corporate decisions are made. “During our time here in the next couple of days, you’ll see where we’re taking this company into the future, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. Now, let’s go.”