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Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: Shifts and Strategies

Oct 28 #3

Yesterday Steve O’Brien, vice president, residential business, quoted JP Morgan as saying, “To move beyond 15 percent penetration [in ductless], a major shift in market preference is needed.” O’Brien told conference attendees: “We’ll capture the available market share, then we’ll increase the market share. We’re going to see more than 15 percent penetration.” How? Through nine Residential Strategy Priorities he shared with attendees.

John Stowell, senior director of marketing said, “Ultimately the goal is to get you better-qualified, better-nurtured leads.” He covered multiple programs and initiatives we’ve undertaken to accomplish this goal.

Mike Smith, senior marketing manager, residential, concluded the session by talking about various initiatives we’ve explored to help contractors sell better and sell more. These include DIY Blog Cabin, PGA tour support, rewards programs, a spokesperson deal with Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” and regional marketing materials, among others.