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Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: Growing Your Business

Oct 29 #2 (1)2

Earlier this week, two breakout sessions stressed the importance of growing your business in sync with the changing marketplace. Our speakers shared ideas and inspiration with contractors regarding the power of lead tracking and reinventing your entire sales and marketing approach.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Contractor™, Mike Cappuccio of N.E.T.R. Inc., hosted the session “How to Build Your Ductless Business.” He illustrated his entire lead tracking process, starting with generating basic information about website visitors via HubSpot, and ultimately ending with a sale. “The process takes a long time – two to six months, sometimes longer. It’s all about constant communication.”

Cappuccio urged fellow contractors to focus on consistent, meaningful communication. His company’s website offers material for customers such as videos, case studies and articles. When he sees a customer viewing articles about rebates, he learns that money is a key decision factor for that person. He then targets his messaging, sometimes for a full year. The sale is only then possible because, when the customer is finally ready to buy, they think of his company.

Monte Lewis, partner, Lewis Associates, Inc., hosted the session “Reinvention,” urging attendees to evolve with a customer base that has changed and is in fact always changing. If HVAC customers have previously been older, moneyed and loyal, the new customers are younger, lacking money and not as invested in loyalty. Achieving success, Lewis said, therefore involves meeting the customer where they are.

Lewis discussed the “forces of commoditization that have changed everything”: the Internet, globalization, automation, product parity, disintermediation, immediacy and consolidation. He said these forces impact consumer experiences in a way that contractors must be aware of and respond to. As a result, contractors must better educate customers on what differentiates their products and their services.

Hearing success stories and ideas for new achievements is always one of our favorite parts of the Diamond Contractor Conference. What’s your favorite part of our conferences? Share your answer in a Comment.