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Designing Multifamily Buildings With VRF

Multifamily projects demand as much usable square footage as possible. Owners want all the leasable space they can get for their money, while tenants want wide, open rooms – and giant closets. Cue the HVAC technology that maximizes square footage: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). Ultimately, VRF gives architects a handful of new ways to please their clients.

  • VRF offers reduced or no ductwork, reducing plenum size. The result: a more spacious feel with higher ceilings, lower construction costs and the option of adding an additional floor for more leasable space.
  • ƒ VRF is synonymous with flexibility thanks to outdoor units that can be grouped or spread around a property, or placed inside or outside the building.
  • A smaller unit footprint creates room for amenities. Picture opening up rooftop space or garden space that otherwise would have gone to a compressor farm.
  • With VRF, architects can design to their vision with the ability to mix and match 11 different styles of ductless and ducted indoor unit options.

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