May 2 – 5, we hosted the FY 2018 Diamond Leadership Awards, inviting BU Distributors of the Year to Atlanta, Georgia for a high-end Atlanta experience.

This year, distributors, BU representatives and their guests participated in a kick-off celebration on Thursday, an awards ceremony highlighting exceptional distribution efforts on Friday and many fun local activities throughout the rest of the weekend.

Here are the FY 2018 BU Distributors of the Year:


Business Unit Distributor Representative
Central G.W. Berkheimer Co., Inc. Ted Heneka
South Ferguson Enterprises, LLC Roger Satterfield
West CFM Equipment Distributors, Inc. John Steele
Southwest Insco Distributing, Inc. Adolfo Perez
Northeast Comfort Supply, Inc. Brendan Heckler



Business Unit Distributor Representative
West Gensco, Inc. Bret van den Heuvel
Southwest AC Systems, Inc. Vince Stanec
Northeast Homans Associates Mark Potenza + Scott DePinto



Business Unit Distributor Representative
International RefriPro Rafael Menendez


Pictured in above photo (from left to right):

  1. Steve Scarbrough
  2. Mark Kuntz
  3.  Vince Stanec
  4.  Scott DePinto
  5. Mark Potenza
  6. John Steele
  7. Bret van den Heuvel
  8. Steve O’Brien
  9. Rafael Menendez
  10. Brendan Heckler
  11. Ted Heneka
  12. Roger Satterfield
  13. Adolfo Perez
  14. Tom Dowling