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Chicago Shipping Container Market Features Mitsubishi Electric Systems

Retail Box Shop Skyline

Last month, a temporary retail market popped up in Chicago’s Fulton Market District. Taking the vacant space of the proposed 680-foot tall Equinox Hotel, the market features repurposed shipping containers that will host local retail and food vendors until December 2018.

For optimum cooling and heating in the containers, each one has a Mitsubishi Electric M-Series Wall-Mounted Unit. Mark Wille, CEO, McKinley Design – the project’s contractor – noted that Mitsubishi Electric’s efficiencies and conditioning flexibility made them stand out when selecting mechanical systems.

“Many products in the HVAC marketplace are oversized. Mitsubishi Electric has products that are efficient and can be sized appropriately for a building of smaller stature,” said Wille.

Since opening, the units have been able to effectively handle the crowds as well. “These units have been incredible. In an 8 x 20 x 8-foot shipping container, square footage is low and shops are susceptible to ‘grazing.’ Doors are left open all the time, but the units keep up with the changes in occupancy,” said Wille. “We also haven’t heard any negative feedback from the customers on the look of the units. They blend in well.”

In meeting the project’s goal of highlighting local flavor and reviving parts of the city, McKinley Design and the architecture team at Latent Design plan to continue the concept. With a ductless HVAC system and easily transferrable stores, the shipping container market should pop up in another Chicago location in the Spring.