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Chattanooga Gets a Net-zero Home

Source: green|spaces
Source: green|spaces

Last year, we told you how our M-Series systems were featured in the winning design at the NextGen Homes Design Competition. The purpose of the competition was to push the Chattanooga, Tennessee, region’s boundaries by designing, building and offering four homes with net-zero capabilities. The winning design achieved net-zero by pairing our energy-efficient systems with a 9 kW solar photovoltaic array on each home’s roof.

When we last wrote, construction was just beginning. Now, one of the homes is completed and on the market. The house is truly the first of its kind in the area, and we’re honored to have our technology contribute to its sustainability and healthfulness.

Within the next year, all four homes will be completed. We look forward to seeing how this next generation of houses fares – and we’ll keep you updated. Something tells us it will be very inspiring!