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Big Questions Coming out of ACCA 2016; Tell Us Your Thoughts!


In Charlotte, North Carolina, contractors had a wonderful opportunity to explore and discuss industry trends challenging both contractors and manufacturers at ACCA 2016. Our corporate sponsorship led to the invitation of Steve O’Brien, vice president, residential business, to participate in a CEO/Contractor Forum discussing changes in the industry. The conversation was particularly relevant in a presidential election year when the opportunity for change is key.

In addition to discussing what the impact of the election would mean for contractors, the question that got the most buzz was, “What will be the Uber of the contracting industry?” For public transportation, Uber made taxis personal, placing them at the beck and call of customers at an instant through their phones, regardless of location.

In the HVAC industry, an “Uber” entering the market might mean an increased use of app-based cooling and heating interactions, both with systems and professionals. One Uber driver even retweeted, “It’s about interacting more comfortably w/ contractor. No interruption in the convo.”

So what do you think the Uber of the HVAC industry will be? Comment below!