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Now Available – Applying VRF and Third-Party HVAC Systems


As modern construction requirements, sustainability and the rising cost of energy

continue to drive the demand for Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems in the U.S. and worldwide, building owners, facility managers and project teams will be responsible for buildings where VRF systems are applied with complementary third-party HVAC equipment.

Whether ducted or ductless, VRF equipment is engineered to offer energy efficiency, quiet operation and design flexibility. VRF technology is a standout solution for both new construction and retrofit projects, but applications may also require complementary equipment, such as specialized ventilation systems and third-party air handlers.

This White Paper discusses how advanced controls supported by professional services from VRF system manufacturers enable facility managers to monitor and control third-party HVAC equipment while using high-performance VRF systems as the primary technology for heating and cooling.

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