Today’s Wall-Mounted Indoor Units are sleeker-looking and more compact than ever before, available in a range of finishes that complement a home’s décor. Beyond how they have evolved aesthetically, the units are attracting new attention due to their practical benefits.

Mitsubishi Electric Wall-Mounted Indoor Units are an appealing option for homeowners because they offer precise, automated temperature control for energy efficiency and personalized comfort. They also improve indoor air quality with continuous air filtration. With our Zoned Comfort Solutions®, homeowners can individually control several indoor units within one HVAC system to meet the unique heating and cooling needs of various zones within the home.

Efficiency is HERS

Wall-Mounted Indoor Units can also help a home meet energy-efficiency goals and qualify as a high-performance home. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index certifies a home’s overall efficiency.

Jason and Sally Schmeltzer of Asheville, North Carolina, for example, completed their high-performance home in October 2018, after being drawn to the units for both their sustainability and function. With the help of four M-Series Wall-Mounted Indoor Units, the home achieved a HERS score of -10, making it one of the most efficient homes their builder had ever produced.

“The wall-mounted unit is beautiful,” Sally said. “It’s 50 percent more efficient than the next best thing. Why wouldn’t I want it?”

Additional Benefits

  • Continuous air filtration to improve IAQ using washable, multi-stage, anti-allergen and deodorization filters
  • Low impact installation and simplified maintenance
  • Designer Series units available in glossy black, matte silver and glossy white to complement interior designs

For more information about our residential indoor units, visit MitsubishiComfort.com.