Corporate News

An Important Achievement in Efficiency

We’re excited to add L-Generation water source condensing systems to the CITY MULTI® family. The next-generation W-Series systems combine the efficiency of water source with VRF, offering enhanced efficiency ratings across all categories. Further efficiency can be achieved by integrating these systems into specialized water-side designs like geothermal or existing closed water loops, and by recovering heat on both the refrigerant and water sides of the system. In a marketplace where efficiency matters more every day, L-Generation technology represents an important achievement.

The features and benefits of our W-Series systems go far beyond efficiency, however. They include:

  • Single modules up to 20 tons, with the ability to combine single modules for systems up to 30 tons
  • Easy installation indoors
  • Convenient front-side service access
  • Ability to stack multiple systems, creating more horizontal space and storage
  • Self-cooling cabinet
  • Ability to connect multiple systems to a central controller, giving owners and managers total operational and comfort control
  • Extended 10-year parts and compressor warranty available

Read more about our WY– and WR2-Series systems, or learn more about water source technologies by viewing our recent webinar hosted by HPAC Engineering.