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AHR Expo 2018 Begins! Visit Booth 2124

Today, the Mitsubishi Electric team is in Chicago for the 2018 AHR Expo. This year’s show is expected to host 2,000 exhibitors and attract 65,000 industry professionals from every state in America and over 150 countries worldwide.

Be sure to see us in Booth 2124! We will be highlighting several of our innovations and debuting one of our latest products: kumo station™.

kumo station expands the capabilities of our kumo cloud® to allow homeowners and building managers to manage cooling, heating, humidification and ventilation based on ambient conditions and personal comfort preferences. The four-channel equipment controller, with outdoor air temperature monitoring, integrates with third-party equipment including two-stage auxiliary heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ventilation equipment.

A patent-pending algorithm enables kumo cloud to determine changeover based on room temperatures and set points for each indoor unit. This distributed control makes homes smarter, and puts homeowners and building managers in control, even when they are away.

The new kumo station extends this intelligent management of home environments to third-party equipment. With kumo station, smart controllers distributed throughout the home draw information from wireless temperature and humidity sensors to make collective decisions about when it is best to use the heat pump, changeover to auxiliary heat, or use heat pumps with auxiliary heat.

Stop by the booth and find out how kumo station and kumo cloud can optimize cooling and heating in your home. Other products we’re featuring at the show include:

  • Diamond Controls™ solutions
  • CITY MULTI® L-Generation Air-Source Outdoor Units
  • PLFY Ceiling Cassette
  • MLZ One-Way Cassette
  • PEAD Horizontal Ducted Indoor Units
  • SVZ One-to-One Ducted Air Handler

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