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Advanced Rooftop Unit Campaign Supports Commercial Buildings Making the Switch

What are facility managers at major brands like Target, Whole Foods and Adidas doing to improve the energy efficiency of their retail buildings? They’re focusing on their HVAC systems, specifically the rooftop units (RTUs). These three brands have joined a new program called the Advanced Rooftop Unit Campaign (ARC) to help them achieve their energy efficiency goals.

October 4_Advanced RTU Campaign ImageARC acts as a support group by offering resources and information to commercial building owners and managers seeking to replace or retrofit their RTUs, saving them energy and money in the long run. ARC participants also become eligible for achievement awards if they properly document their progress.

But why RTUs? According to ARC, if all 10- to 20-ton commercial units nationwide were replaced with the most efficient units, businesses would save about $1 billion each year in energy costs. Energy-efficient systems, like our R2-Series VRF zoning system, provide more consistent space conditioning and more control over temperatures than older models. This means fewer occupant complaints about comfort.

The campaign, which is sponsored by ASHRAE and the Retail Industry Leaders Association, will run through the summer of 2014. To learn more, visit