ACH&R News Explores Ductless Trends in Annual Ductless Issue

May 13_Image 2Check out the “Ductless Advancements Spur Interest” article in ACH&R News’ annual “Ductless A/C Systems” issue, dated April 28, 2014. The article includes commentary from our Vice President, Marketing & Engineered Solutions, Mark Kuntz.

It’s no secret that ductless zoning technology is gaining ground in the U.S. Contractors who don’t already offer a ductless zoning solution are likely to add one in the next few years. Here are some of the other trends we found noteworthy.

Trend 1: Application advancements. Single-zone spaces like add-ons and sunrooms are the most popular ductless applications but installing ductless systems as the primary cooling and heating source is on the upswing.

Mark adds that improvements in low ambient heattechnology make ductless zoning systems a viable solution for residences across the country. For instance, ductless zoning systems with hyper-heating capabilities, like our H2i MSZ-FH Models, function in colder climates where heat pumps were not previously considered the best option.

May 13_Image 1Trend 2: More control options. Mark also points out that end users increasingly want to interact with their HVAC systems through mobile devices and whole-home automation systems. Manufacturers will adapt to allow consumers more control options.

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