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A Zoned Home is a Cozy Home this Holiday Season

A Zoned Home is a Cozy Home this Holiday Season

The holidays look a bit different this year, with COVID-19-related restrictions prompting many of us to forgo holiday travel and traditions in favor of hunkering down at home.

But staying in over the holidays comes with one perk: more time for curling up with family in front of a decorated tree or roaring fire, watching holiday movies, baking cookies or simply relaxing and staying cozy.

The downside? Many home-bound families have faced higher utility bills since the pandemic began. Maintaining the comfort of home without breaking the bank has become a higher priority than ever before, especially as heating season cranks up and we look for creative ways to keep the holiday fun indoors.

How Zoning Helps

Using an all-electric heat pump system is a more cost-effective and environmentally-conscious way to heat your home, compared to a traditional, fossil-fuel burning system. Zoning kicks your energy and cost savings into high-gear.

With Zoned Comfort Solutions®, up to eight indoor units can be individually controlled per multi-zone system, so you don’t need to heat your entire home. Instead, you can save energy by only conditioning the rooms you use. While heating is your immediate priority, our Zoned Comfort Solutions give you efficient heating and cooling in one system versus relying on a separate furnace or boiler.

Since many of us aren’t hosting extended family this year, the wall-mounted indoor unit in the guest bedroom can remain off, while your bedroom and kids’ rooms are kept cozy. Likewise, once you shut down your computer for some well-deserved holiday time off, you can also set back the heat to your office.

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All of us at Mitsubishi Electric wish you and yours a safe, healthy and warm holiday.