Product Profile

3D i-see Sensor™ Technology for Today’s Smart Home

3D i-see sensor

Many of the smart home features previous generations considered sci-fi are here and are only getting better. The 3D i-see Sensor™ from Mitsubishi Electric is a perfect example. This feature, is available for several indoor units, facilitates smart temperature control by scanning a room to create a detailed 3D thermal profile.

How Homeowners Benefit

The sensor continuously monitors a space for occupancy and automatically adjusts temperature and airflow to keep comfort conditions ideal for occupants. As people enter or leave a room, the sensor monitors the varying amount of body heat and directs the system to adjust conditioning as needed. The technology is smart enough to distinguish between humans and pets, so Rover lounging in the living room while you’re at work won’t send your energy bills skyrocketing (but you’ll all relax comfortably when you join him in the evening)!

i-see sensor

Mitsubishi Electric is always working to offer innovative technology to help make customers’ lives better. We’re not quite at mind- or mood-reading level yet, but we’re on our way.

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