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July 21, 2015, 10:21 am

Project Profile: The Market at Liberty Place

The Market at Liberty Place is a popular gathering spot for friends and families in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. LGB Properties, LLC demolished and rebuilt the three-story, 31,000-square-foot building, which now holds nine food vendors, offering everything from seafood to pizza to ice cream and coffee. The challenge when renovating this space was finding an HVAC system that would be efficient and diverse enough to meet any vendor’s needs.

Selecting our VRF system was an easy choice. To heat the patio during the winter, the system reclaims heat from the building’s west side, where the solar load, ovens and grills are located, and transfers it to cooler areas. The same process keeps the patio cool in the summer. Inside, the system maintains a comfortable environment. “On a 100-degree humid day or a cold day, with the door opening and closing, it’s nice in there,” said Larry Bosley, president and CEO of LGB. Between the year-round occupant comfort, quiet operation, low-energy usage and ease of control, Bosley calls our R2-Series VRF system “a dynamite system.”

To learn more about this project, click here.

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July 9, 2015, 2:22 pm

Project Profile: Grand Lake Mental Health Center

Economy was a big concern for Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc. (GLMHC) when it decided to transform a 20,000-square-foot bar and dance club into its eighth clinic in northeast Oklahoma. The challenge was finding an HVAC system that could provide the patient privacy and comfort essential to health and wellness facilities and deliver cost savings. Our R2-Series VRF system was the obvious solution.

“A risk in a therapeutic environment, where return air systems are tied together, is that voices carry,” says Larry Smith, GLMHC’s chief operating officer. The minimal ductwork of our system allows for privacy. The technology is zoned to optimize both comfort and cost savings, allowing GLMHC to control the temperatures throughout the facility based on the activity in each area. Patients undergoing exams in one part of the facility can be kept warm while patients working out can be kept cool. The system is also able to keep the on-site pharmacy’s medicine cool, despite the surrounding heat-producing equipment. Any area not in use can be shut off entirely to avoid unneeded cooling and heating.

Read the full case study to learn why Smith says our system is “the ideal design for integrated care.”

May 13, 2015, 4:44 pm

Project Profile: M Station Apartments

Foundation Communities is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building sustainable and affordable homes for low- to moderate-income families in Austin, Texas. The M Station community is a result of this effort.

Architect Sunshine Mathon, LEED AP and director of design and development for Foundation Communities, designed M Station with an aggressive green building goal of LEED® Platinum certification. A vital component to meeting this goal was our VRF technology.

Mathon selected our R2-Series heat pump systems for the job. Conventional systems would have required 150 compressors for M Station’s 150 apartments – only 19 of our outdoor units were needed. Occupant comfort was the utmost importance. Our systems deliver best-in-class climate control for the tenants year-round.

M Station ultimately exceeded the certification requirements by more than 25 points. To learn more about how our VRF technology helped, click here.

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April 30, 2015, 12:00 pm

Consumer Testimonials: Ed & Stephanie Pacheco

Neighbors of Ed and Stephanie Pacheco were investigating a carbon monoxide leak when they discovered another serious health risk – asbestos in their HVAC ductwork. After hearing the news from next door, Ed and Stephanie took a look at their own HVAC unit and decided it was time to replace the 39-year-old natural gas system. High energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact were at the top of the couple’s list.

Listen to Stephanie, an environmentalist, explain how our ductless system maximizes the home’s energy- and water-saving features. Click here to learn what Ed likes most about their comfort system.

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April 22, 2015, 12:43 pm

Project Profile: Banco del Progreso


Banco del Progreso, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was founded in 1974 and now has more than 50 branches across the country. Banco del Progreso’s Naco branch, located in Santo Domingo’s financial district, was constructed in 1988. In 2012, the bank’s officials decided to renovate the property in an effort to create a more open, modern design.

HVAC distributor MPG y Asociados (MPG), Santo Domingo, suggested our VRF zoning systems for the job for several reasons: high efficiency, quiet operation, extensive warranty and advanced operation. Our discreet ceiling-recessed units complemented the new open design while our sleek wall-mounted units aligned with the bank’s new clean, modern interior decor. The icing on the cake? The installation caused zero disruptions to day-to-day operations, allowing the Naco branch to remain open throughout the entire process.

When all said and done, Banco del Progreso hired Inproca Ingenieria & Proyectos, S.R.L. to conduct an energy usage study, which revealed an astounding 60 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Click here to learn more about the transformation of Banco del Progreso.

March 5, 2015, 2:32 pm

Project Profile: Little Green House

The lot where the Little Green House resides in Nashville, Tennessee, sat vacant for some time before builder Ryan Nichols, co-founder, Green Home, took interest. The land was tricky to build on due to steep topography and its small size. Nichols, however, saw the lot’s limitations as inspiration to design one of the area’s first passive solar houses.

The result was an 1,100-square-foot icon of sustainable residential development. The home features an angled tin roof with an overhang to control incoming light, a cantilevered second floor, charred oak siding, a rain garden and a glass garage door. Nichols’ team selected our ductless zoning system for the HVAC design. The system’s high efficiency, quiet operation and zone control made it a perfect fit for this sustainable bungalow.

Our ductless system also helped the team achieve its energy goals. The Little Green House averages an impressive $75 per month in electricity bills and earned LEED® Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Click here to learn more about the construction of this home.

February 11, 2015, 9:51 am

Consumer Testimonial: Audrey Bromberger & John Birmingham

Audrey and John had their sights set on retirement and began updating their 1910 home in La Grange Park, Illinois to appeal to potential buyers. The 5-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot space never had air conditioning so installing a cooling and heating system was at the top of the list.

Watch the video below to hear why the homeowners chose our ductless system to provide the comfort they’d been missing. Click here for the case study to learn more about the installation.

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December 11, 2014, 4:17 pm

Project Profile: La Grange Park Home

John Birmingham and Audrey Bromberger’s 5-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot farm style home was in need of an upgrade. The home was built in 1910 and lacked air conditioning. The owners wanted to update the cooling and heating system without sacrificing any of the valuable living space. The challenge was to find an energy-efficient HVAC system that offers zone control and immediate comfort while preserving as much space as possible.

The homeowners first noticed ductless systems when they were vacationing in Europe. “The only other option was to drop ceilings and put in ductwork, which we didn’t want to do because then you’d lose part of the charm of the house,” Audrey said. After contacting Greg Sutor, HVAC contractor, Sutor Heating & Cooling Inc., it was obvious that our ductless system was really the only viable option. “All other systems would have required significant remodeling and structural alterations,” Sutor said.

The team installed two outdoor units, one on each side of the home. The installation ended ahead of schedule, taking just three days to complete. Our ductless system provides conditioned air right at startup, quiet operation and individual room conditioning, which was a large selling point for Aubrey. “The ability to individually control the rooms is not only very energy efficient but very convenient.”

To read the entire case study, click here.

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October 15, 2014, 2:34 pm

Consumer Testimonial: Naomi Shimoda

Temperature needs can vary greatly when more than one generation is living under the same roof. Our ductless system lets California homeowner Naomi Shimoda individually control the temperature of each room to meet the precise comfort needs of her large family. Hear why she says our system was the “most logical choice”:

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December 5, 2013, 10:56 am

Ductless on Every Job: Holiday Guests

December 3_Ductless on Every Job - Holiday Guests ImageIn the past two months, we’ve shared many situations where ductless is the perfect comfort solution, as part of our Ductless on Every Job campaign. We’re back with another unique way ductless can solve a common challenge for homeowners, especially during this time of the year: maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for guests without having to spend an excess of money on utilities.

The holidays are the few times in the year where the whole family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews – is together in the same place at the same time. It’s when family members are able to catch up on each other’s lives, share stories and create new memories. But to the HVAC world, what does the holiday time mean?

  • More people in the house for longer periods of time than usual means more body heat.
  • More of the everyday activities like cooking and showering naturally raising the indoor temperature.
  • Uneven temperatures created within the home as cold, outdoor air enters through the front door as company comes and goes.
  • Fires in the fireplaces will warm the room they’re located in and make for a cozy atmosphere, but they’ll also create cold drafts within the home as the conditioned air gets sucked into and escapes up the chimney.

Ductless technology prevents homeowners from having to add “Thermostat Watchdog” to their hosting responsibilities. Ductless systems use an intelligent INVERTER-driven compressor that ramps up to meet the homeowner’s desired temperature and then delivers only the amount of heating or cooling necessary to maintain that set temperature, providing constant comfort to homeowners and their guests, regardless of the number of people or what’s going on in the house.

Farewell to the family arguments over what the thermostat should be set to, too. The zoning feature of ductless technology provides the ability to have precise temperature control for each individual room. Depending on where they come from and the climate they’re used to, each guest can control their room’s temperature to meet their comfort needs, without having to play Rock-Papers-Scissors for control over the thermostat. Best of all, the energy-efficient design of a ductless system means homeowners can avoid the sticker shock of higher utility bills when the holiday is over and the company has left.

And for those who will be spending the holiday out of town, our meZO Controller app, compatible with iPhones and iPads, gives homeowners the ability to control their home’s comfort system from anywhere in the world. This means homeowners can shut off their ductless system using the Internet and turn it back on to come back to a warm and comfortable home.

Visit to learn more on how ductless can provide constant comfort for homeowners and their guests this holiday season. For more information on selling ductless, go to

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