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May 17, 2016, 9:00 am

Now Available – The Advanced Heating Technology White Paper

Advanced Heating Technology White Paper

Winter is over, but it will be back, and our latest White Paper discusses Advanced Heating Technology, which explains why Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are a smart solution in even the coldest of climates. This new tool reinforces our brand’s leadership and expertise, and will help you provide customers with the best cold weather solutions.

Highlights from this most recent White Paper include information regarding how advanced heating technology works, defrost cycles, cold weather accessories, features, benefits and case studies. VRF systems are an efficient heat source even as low as minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit (ambient). This White Paper explains to readers how this is possible and addresses any misconceptions about the technology.

Click here to read the entire Advanced Heating Technology White Paper.

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January 15, 2016, 9:00 am

Staying Warm Through Winter Work

Jan 15 Image

December was pleasantly warm, but don’t let that catch you off guard. The cold is on its way – for some of us it’s already here – and as you continue to work through the winter, we are working to help you prepare for the cold weather. Already, our CITY MULTI® and P-Series Hyper-Heat™ outdoor units boast impressive functionality – 100 percent heat capacity as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit – but protecting the system from the elements makes systems that much more efficient.

Suggestions from our Cold Weather Solutions Guide include:

  • Block the wind – Wind deflectors compatible with the CITY-MULTI Y-series and R2-Series upgrade existing wire guards without sacrificing accessibility, and maintain full airflow while also providing a more efficient defrost cycle.
  • Avoid the ice – Propping outdoor units on cold-weather stands keeps the units out of the snow, guaranteeing the highest performance possible. Similarly, adding a snow hood helps avoid blockage, keeping the unit operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Beat the ice - Base pan heaters help prevent ice buildup on outdoor units. Even without precipitation, areas subject to frequent cold can see ice build up quickly. Keep units running smoothly by keeping them ice-fr

We go into more in-depth suggestions when you Read our Cold Weather Solutions Guide.

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December 17, 2013, 10:04 am

Ductless on Every Job: Cold Climates

Cold Climate

As part of the Ductless on Every Job campaign we launched in September, we’re running biweekly blog posts that focus on situations where contractors can consider ductless as an answer to any homeowner’s HVAC need. This week, we’re focusing on why ductless is the perfect comfort solution for cold climates.

Snow storms have already hit the U.S. from coast to coast, so there’s no doubt that winter is officially upon us. Sources advise us, however, that the coldest days have yet to come. According to the predictions on, much of the U.S. will see above-normal snowfall and cooler than normal temperatures this season. This threat of an extreme winter can raise concerns with homeowners as to how they’ll keep warm and comfortable when the bitter outdoor temperatures arrive.

When you’re on a sales call, here’s how you can put these homeowners’ worrying minds to rest by offering ductless as the solution to keeping their families warm and cozy inside when it’s single-digit temperatures outside:

  • INVERTER-driven compressor: Our ductless systems employ INVERTER-driven scroll compressors to ensure that the desired room temperature is reached quickly and maintained consistently. The compressor speed is controlled to deliver only the amount of heating and cooling to meet the specific needs of the room, and the outdoor unit re-collects and reuses heat energy that is otherwise wasted, which means homeowners will have round the clock comfort without seeing a spike in energy bills.

  • Hyper-Heating (H2i®) technology: The M-Series H2i models produce tremendous cold climate heating capabilities, essentially eliminating the need for supplemental heat. This performance is made possible by a highly efficient twin rotary INVERTER-driven compressor with a rare earth magnet, which reduces the compressor’s energy consumption while producing more heat. This means that even if it’s as cold as -13 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the Hyper-Heating INVERTER systems can still deliver heat, and lots of it.

  • Hot-Start™ technology: Unlike traditional HVAC systems, there is no cold air delivery with our ductless systems. With the Hot-Start technology incorporated, the system’s fan isn’t activated until the desired temperature is reached, so instead of having a rush of cold air when they turn their system on, homeowners are provided hot air from the start.

To learn even more about how ductless can help your customers win the battle with Old Man Winter this season, visit For more information on selling ductless, go to

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