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February 10, 2016, 9:00 am

Project Profile: Wyebrook Farm


Rural Pennsylvania is known for its beautiful countryside, so when Dean Carlson – a former Wall Street bond trader – decided to convert Honey Brook’s Wyebrook Farm to a sustainable restaurant, his focus was on aesthetics. Carson selected a 230-year-old stone barn and chose our S-Series system and Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilator to keep it comfortable. This combination allowed the restoration to have an 18th-century look, with a 20th-century feel.

Keeping in theme with the pastoral surroundings, the goal was to retain the farmhouse look by keeping mechanical systems discreet. Rich Nolan – the project’s designer – said of Carlson’s vision: “They didn’t want ductwork hanging across the restaurant; and you don’t want to be at dinner eating a grass-fed piece of beef and have the compressor kick on.”

Our system avoided all of this. Minimally invasive piping would allow the old building to live a second life without renovating the façade. Further, a building that had never needed any HVAC system would keep the appearance it always had, without obtrusive ductwork, and the restaurant would be sustainable both in the food it served as well as its independence from fossil fuels. As a result, the restaurant has received two awards for Nolan’s work and Carlson’s vision.

To read more about Wyebrook Farm, check out the case study.

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February 6, 2014, 12:35 pm

Consumer Testimonial: Patrick Fox, St. George, Utah

Check out homeowner Patrick Fox talking about how he uses our meZO™ Controller App to adjust the temperature of his home’s S-Series VRF zoning system.

Click here for more testimonials from both Patrick and builder Jake Joines, president of J2 Construction. To check out the full case study on Patrick’s home, click here.

August 5, 2013, 11:01 am

Project Profile: Terra Caelo, St. George, Utah

What do you do when homeowners demand an HVAC system with the ability to control the temperature of individual rooms both in the house and remotely? What if that system also has to handle the extreme temperature swings of a climate like southwestern Utah while being extremely energy-efficient? And, what if the system has to be installed in a low-lying structure with no attic space and limited ceiling area for ducts?

When specifying the HVAC system for the Terra Caelo residence in Utah’s eco-conscious Kayeneta community, St. George-based J2 Construction and Ace Mechanical were presented with these exact challenges. They knew a Mitsubishi Electric system would be perfect for the unique needs of this job and installed an S-Series system that could be controlled remotely through a meZO Controller app. Despite space limitations, they were able to install most of the units in small closets with an access door. The result was a system that met the homeowners’ demands for complete comfort control from anywhere and was extremely efficient, resulting in the home using about 58 percent less kWh in energy each year than the average Utah home.

Homeowner Patrick Fox told us:

“Our goal was to have full control so that anyone in any room can choose the temperature they want, and to be able to shut off areas such as the guest rooms when they aren’t being used. Our house in California is all ducted and takes a substantial amount of money and energy to heat and cool. The mini-split systems aren’t pushing air around the house but using it in its location; no energy is lost. I can launch the [meZO Controller] app on my phone and monitor the temperatures remotely, and if guests have just left, I can adjust the temperature or shut off a unit from anywhere in the world.”

To read more about the installation at Terra Caelo, check out the full case study here.

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June 6, 2013, 3:08 pm

CITY MULTI S-Series Takes Home Award

June 6_appliance DESIGN Award Win Image
Our new light commercial S-Series model (PUMY-P60NKMU) has won the Appliance DESIGN Excellence in Design Bronze Award! Winning designs were selected by an independent panel of design experts on the basis of creativity, ease of use and visual appeal.

To learn more about the award, click here. For more information about the S-Series, click here.

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