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August 18, 2016, 9:00 am

Project Profile: Élan Hotel

The Élan Hotel (Élan), a part of the Greystone Hotel family, is consistently ranked as one of the top five hotels in Los Angeles. Guests rave about its personal touches and modern look, as well as the comfort they experience relaxing after a long day of shopping in all of the nearby stores. For years, though, the hotel experienced comfort issues that challenged its ability to provide a truly extraordinary stay for every guest. Those issues were solved by our VRF technology.

Randy Scholnick, sales & products manager, Sirius Mechanical, Inc., Moreno Valley, California, described the noisy and inefficient situation. “The rooms directly below [the old HVAC] units – people complained and the rooms couldn’t be rented. It was a real emergency issue. The hotel was losing revenue. So they needed two things: a quieter solution – whatever goes on the roof has to be practically silent – and something more efficient.”

Scholnick recommended our R2-Series VRF systems, as they offer what he called “a true two-pipe system. Plus Mitsubishi [Electric] systems just do what they’re supposed to do. They’re efficient and quiet, and you get such good diagnostics. [Élan] wanted something that’s trouble free and that will diagnose itself. Well, that’s CITY MULTI®.” The team also installed three of our Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators to keep rooms smelling fresh.

With our technology running seamlessly in the background, the hotel guests are now comfortable, Élan management is satisfied and the project has received some great reviews, earning California Green certification.

To learn more about the Élan Hotel project and why repeat guests have shared positive feedback with management, check out the case study.

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October 20, 2015, 4:53 pm

Fairmount Row Home

Life in a city row home means enjoying a smaller footprint and access to downtown. It also means HVAC challenges resulting from the layout of row homes, including uneven solar gain and humidity issues. For old and tight row homes, especially, upgrading outdated HVAC systems can be a daunting challenge.

Fortunately, this is where our dual-zone ductless system saved the day for Chris Knipe and Connie Romano, owners of a century-old row home in Philadelphia. Knipe chose our technology over the high-velocity system his friend recommended because of our system’s small footprint and zoning ability. Knipe also preferred our system’s discrete operation: “The [Mitsubishi Electric] system is extremely quiet with no whistle. It’s almost like it’s not even there. Even the compressor is quiet. The high-velocity system we saw was a lot noisier.”

HVAC Contractor  ECI Comfort Solutions, Inc., also preferred our dual-zone system for its moisture control: “Humidity is a big issue in row homes. Ductless has a humidity setting, and with the inverter there’s a longer run time, so the air moves over the coils for a longer time, pulling moisture out of the air.”

Read more about Knipe and Romano’s house and the challenges of cooling and heating row homes.

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June 9, 2015, 12:40 pm

Project Profile: 101 Bedford

101 bedfordLuxury apartments are popping up everywhere these days, each bigger and better than the next. A swimming pool, audio recording studio, rooftop event spaces, spas and wine vaults all sound nice from a renter’s point-of-view. From an HVAC perspective, however, these amenities can pose the ultimate challenge.

The 101 Bedford apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York is a 340,000-square-foot facility with 351 luxury apartments. The building needed an HVAC system that could accommodate the loads demanded by its top-of-the-line amenities. The system also had to be discreet, user friendly and have energy allocation capabilities to match its luxurious design.

David Glickman, president, Glickman Engineering Associates PLLC, determined Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology was the only possible choice that would satisfy all of 101 Bedford’s requirements – precise control, quiet operation, low energy consumption, heat recovery and ease of installation. He promptly selected our VRF system due to its sophisticated control network. The owner had experienced the difficulties of tenant billing from a previous project, a 98-unit apartment building. Our network calculates the energy used by each apartment, keeping track of all BTU’s for cooling and heating and thus making issues with billing tenants obsolete.

101 Bedford is now more than just a high-end place to live. It is an icon of indoor environmental control, comfort and convenience.

To read more about 101 Bedford, you can access the case study here.

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