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December 1, 2015, 4:56 pm

Project Profile: Boston University Leventhal Admissions Center

Boston University Admissions CenterBound between Boston’s historic brickwork and manicured riverfront, Boston University (BU) strives to exist as a traditional campus housed in an urban environment. The school recently renovated with this goal in mind, transforming the old BU Hillel House into the Alan and Sherry Leventhal Admissions Center. Our VRF systems updated the building’s aesthetics and performance to meet the needs of the 1,400 daily visitors, and helped the project achieve LEED® Gold certification.

Todd Symonds, project manager and associate principal of design firm Goody Clancy, described the need to expand the space in order to maximize its appeal: “When the building was the Hillel House, it had been a very introverted and inward-looking building. … We had the opportunity to transform the building from an introvert into an extrovert, to meet the needs of the University’s program for Admissions.”

The design team selected our VRF technology to help expand this “inward” space, as our systems offered a smaller footprint than traditional HVAC. With VRF, a more dramatic look was possible without compromising the original building’s architecture – a success recognized by the Boston Preservation Alliance with a 2015 Preservation Achievement Award. Surpassing Boston’s LEED Silver-level requirement was also possible with VRF, due to its impressive energy efficiency.

Want to learn more about the transformation? Read here.

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October 29, 2013, 12:55 pm

Project Profile: Green Acres Barn, Eden Prairie, Minn.

October 29_Green Acres Barn Image 1“If it was a 90 degree day, you just couldn’t be in there,” said Craig Schumacher, president of Countryside Heating & Cooling, about the Green Acres Barn in Eden Prairie, Minn. Schumacher was part of the team tasked with renovating the oldest-standing barn in the city, a project necessitated to avoid its demolition due the county’s plans to widen the Pioneer Trail and consequently replace Green Acres Barn with a drainage pond.

Schussler Creative and well-known as the creator of the Rainforest Café®, teamed up with Schumacher after he read about the fate of Green Acres Barn and purchased the structure from the county. Schussler decided to restore the 6,000-square-foot space into a place that could be used for a variety of events, from weddings and bar mitzvahs to community and charity events.

With that end goal in mind, Schussler, Schumacher and the crew were determined to find a way to maintain as much of the barn’s historic architecture and authenticity as possible while at the same time create a space where people would be comfortable inside. The existing traditional ducted HVAC system just didn’t cut it. The lack of sufficient air conditioning in the hot summer months forced people outside to fight the heat inside. So in order to transform the space into one that’s functional and pleasant to be in, Schumacher recommended our ductless system because “it simply was the right one.”

October 29_Green Acres Barn Image 2The historic elements and structural beauty of Green Acres Barn weren’t sacrificed by the new comfort system but preserved due to the minimal demolition required for ductless installations. Special brackets were made to mount the indoor units and protect the Gothic Arch-shaped roof made of ancient timbers and rare yellow glazed tile. The indoor units were painted to blend in with the wood interior and maintain the barn’s rich and enchanting ambiance.

Most importantly, thanks to the fresh and comfortable air supplied by our ductless system, party-goers can now enjoy the ambient lighting from the 35 crystal chandeliers, the old-fashioned player pianos and vintage jukeboxes, the coziness of the fireplace and wine cellar – all the things that has given Green Acres Barn that wow factor.

For more information on the Green Acres Barn restoration, click here.

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