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January 1, 2016, 9:00 am

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
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December 16, 2015, 1:43 pm

As Smart Technology Evolves, Building Trends Follow Suit


engineerConsulting-Specifying Engineer recently released the results of its 2015 HVAC and Building Automation Systems Study. A lot wasn’t terribly surprising, for example that energy efficiency and budget have been key factors in respondents’ projects. The results relating to challenges, though, were less expected. Two-thirds of respondents reported challenges when working with automation systems – often challenges of interoperability and complementing systems.

To us, though, the topic of building automation is one to be excited about – and not just because VRF integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of automation systems. In short, the future of building automation is bright. Navigant Research, a market research and consulting organization focused on global clean technology markets, projects that automation systems will result in a cumulative worldwide revenue of $713 billion between 2015 and 2023. While automation systems may currently provide engineers with challenges, they also provide the entire industry with this opportunity.

There is also a profound opportunity to evolve how we build and, ultimately, how we live our lives. The rise of automation systems and enhanced interconnectivity with other smart technologies will enable the industry to push toward consistently achieving passive or even net-zero designs. That future is undoubtedly exciting, and the path toward it will only get smoother as automation systems are refined.

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November 12, 2015, 12:25 pm

Another Ductless System for Another ‘Blog Cabin’

© 2015 Scripps Networks, LLC

© 2015 Scripps Networks, LLC

The grand prize in this year’s DIY Network Blog Cabin™ Giveaway was a masterful 1970s home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Twenty-three million people entered for a chance to call this ‘Blog Cabin’ home, but it is Albert Zaranka and his wife Ellen who will enjoy the comfort and breathtaking views of this hilltop property.

Builder and design manager Dylan Eastman kept what was salvageable of the original one-story ranch – the foundation and the concrete walls, which he wanted to keep exposed. There were two challenges when it came to the HVAC: the cold, concrete interior and the Upper Northwest climate. Our M-Series Hyper-Heat system offered the solution. Zoned cooling and heating affords the Zarankas personalized comfort in each area of their now multi-level home. Our high performing heat pump will deliver that comfort even in Idaho’s sub-zero winter nights.

This is the third consecutive year we have sponsored the Giveaway. In 2013, our M-Series system helped transform an 1890s rundown home into an awe-inspiring waterfront property in Atlantic, North Carolina. In 2014, it was used in the renovation of a 1920s bungalow in Lake Hamilton, Florida.  Each year, Eastman and his team have turned houses that no one wants into homes millions desire – and we’re proud to have been a part of it.

Got a good transformation story? Share in a comment below!

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October 13, 2015, 2:57 pm

Bob Vila on Common Comfort Complaints

Hot and cold spots, unnecessary energy use and obstructed views are common HVAC complaints. We’ve teamed up with Bob Vila and his crew to educate homeowners on a solution that solves it all: ductless HVAC.

The first two posts of the 10-part series on focused on the engineering behind the technology. Posts 3, 4 and 5 address those all-too-familiar annoyances. Here’s an overview of each, so you know which posts to share with your customers.

5 Overlooked Ways to Cool Down a Hot Room
Many homeowners’ rooms just won’t get thermally comfortable. Some homeowners try to cope; others try wasteful, ineffective space heaters and window units. Our ductless system is the lasting solution. It continuously monitors a space and automatically adjusts to deliver year-round comfort efficiently and effectively.

Save Money and Live Better with Multizone HVAC
Central HVAC is inherently wasteful. It forces homeowners to cool or heat unoccupied spaces. Ductless gives homeowners more control. They can adjust the temperature on the first floor when they go to bed and turn units off in their children’s room when they go to college. As the Bob Vila team says, ductless systems “are able to adapt to how people actually live.”

The Best Alternative to a Window Air Conditioner
Window units are loud and unattractive. Ductless systems, however, are ultra-quiet and nonintrusive. Our indoor units operate as low as 19 dB(A) – quieter than a whisper. And while there’s only one way to install a window unit, there’s plenty of ways to install ductless. Mount an indoor unit on the wall, floor or ceiling. Install outdoor units out of sight – camouflaged within landscaping or hidden beneath a deck, for example.

What customer complaint has ductless solved for you? Let us know in a comment below!

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August 11, 2015, 12:23 pm

New Innovation Introduces New Trade Ads

Welcome to a whole new level of efficiency and technology. Recently, we announced our latest innovation in air and water source Variable Refrigerant Flow technology – the L-Generation cooling and heating systems. To highlight the best-in-class efficiency scores that we have been receiving across the board, we decided to launch a national, trade ad campaign that speaks to the forward-thinking builders and developers who are interested in next generation HVAC technology.

Keep your eyes peeled for our ads in the July and August issues of the publications below.

L-Generation Print 54 Efficiency_2Architect
Architectural Products
Architectural Record
ASHRAE Journal
Building Operating Management
College Planning & Management
Commercial Building Products
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Contracting Business
Design Build IQ
High Performance Buildings
HPAC Engineering
Indoor Comfort News
Medical Construction & Design
Private University Products & News
School Planning & Management
The News

To learn more about how our L-Generation systems can save you energy, money and space, visit

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August 4, 2015, 4:12 pm

Aging in Place Is In, Retirement Homes Are (Kind of) Out

August 4_Aging in Place_Image 1Think everyone is planning to sell their homes after they retire? Well, think again.

An AARP study found 90 percent of people over the age of 65 would like to, if possible, stay in their homes. Eighty percent have no intention of leaving. What does this mean for the building industry? Owners want products that have the potential to outlast them and can cater to their needs as they age. They want homes and products that grow with them.

Long-lasting, adaptable equipment, like our HVAC systems, fit the bill. For example, our M-Series system helped an elderly couple age in place. They can now count on cooling and heating in even the most severe weather, which otherwise would have posed a health hazard. This couple is just one example; over 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement every day, and more and more make no plans to leave their homes.

Read more about the baby boomers, aging in place and the concept behind the universal home design, which the National Association of Home Builders describes as “the design of environments and products to be usable by all people.”

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July 30, 2015, 11:59 am

Vila & Us – A Vigorous Team

Bob Vila started his own residential remodeling business in the 70s and starred on a first-of-its-kind home improvement TV show for over 30 years, changing the “perceptions of what a home can be.” From Day 1, Bob has recognized that helping people improve their homes can enhance their lives. We’re joining him in his quest by educating people on the healthiest, most efficient and cost-effective comfort solution for their home – ductless HVAC.

In a 10-part series of posts from now through December 2015, Bob and his team will highlight the benefits of ductless technology and share experiences with our ductless systems. In the inaugural post, “Ditch the Ducts: Choose Ductless HVAC for Savings and Comfort,” focused on the “pitfalls” of the age-old ducted systems and why homeowners should consider the newer alternative. In the second post, “Next-Generation Ductless HVAC Brings Home Total Comfort,” Bob and his team zero in on the innovative engineering that allows ductless systems to perform better and cost less than traditional cooling and heating systems.

Head to to hear it directly from Bob. Stay tuned for more from America’s plaid-clad handyman.

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July 23, 2015, 10:20 am

Catch Us (and Nicole Curtis) at the Sunbelt Builders’ Show in Dallas!

sunbelt logo
Next week, we’ll be exhibiting at the Sunbelt Builders’ Show, one of the largest building industry events in North America. Join us at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Conference Center from July 29-30 at booth #501. Owned and operated by the Texas Association of Builders, the show draws thousands of residential construction professionals from the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

After the show closes on Wednesday, join us at our special invitation-only event:

What? Happy Hour with Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict”

When? Wednesday, July 29, 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Where? Gaylord Texan Resort & Conference Center, Austin Rooms 4-6

How? Visit us at booth #501 for an admittance wristband. Space is limited, so stop by early.

June 18, 2015, 11:38 am

We Have Questions. Do You Have Answers?


Where can you find valuable insight on the building industry, details on the latest developments in the HVAC sector and perspectives from top industry professionals all in one place? Our Architect and Engineer E-Newsletters.

Our goal for the digital publications is to help building professionals stay up-to-speed on the evolving cooling and heating landscape and remain ahead of the competition.

We want to ensure that we’re meeting our goal and equipping readers with the right tools and knowledge they need to succeed. If you have five minutes to spare, you can help us find out! Take our five-question Architect or Engineer survey and tell us what you’d like to read in upcoming issues.

Not yet a subscriber? Sign up here.

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May 14, 2015, 4:06 pm

AIA 2015: A-List in A-Town

May 14_AIA 2015 ImageWant to see what the “materials and technologies of tomorrow” look like today? Join us at the AIA Convention 2015 in Atlanta and walk the 170,000-square-foot exhibition floor to witness the building industry’s innovation and forward-thinking firsthand.

AIA 2015 will kick off today with f ormer President Bill Clinton delivering the keynote speech. The AIA Convention is the industry’s largest architectural and design event and will run through Saturday, May 16. Two hundred seminars – including one on the design and construction of the 9/11 Memorial Museum – and over 50 tours of Atlanta’s most iconic sites will take place over the next three days to offer attendees an exclusive look at the past, present and future of architecture.

Come to booth #4259 to learn how HVAC fits into the design solution. We’re showcasing our state-of-the-art, energy-efficient solutions and controls technologies that are improving the way architects design buildings and how people achieve personal comfort control.

The AIA Convention is truly an architectural and design party you don’t want to miss. Stop by booth #4259 to see how we’re joining in the celebration.

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