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February 15, 2017, 9:00 am

Our New Pro Site Goes Live!


We’re only two months into 2017, and we’ve been busy here at Mitsubishi Electric! In mid-January, we relaunched our professional website,, featuring a new, modern design!

We’ve enhanced our website to offer users the same gratifying experience they receive while working with our products every day. The new is:

  • More user-friendly:: is compatible with iPads and other mobile devices allowing users to access the website easily from anywhere, at any time. The newly designed website also offers more intuitive search functions – such as the Find a Distributor/Rep – to deliver results and information more quickly and conveniently.

  • More visually appealing: More visuals and less text enhance the browsing experience, making it more enjoyable to navigate and easier to read and understand information. The sleek layout also features high-quality photography and interactive graphics throughout each page, creating a rounded, sophisticated look and feel. Check out our Technology page to experience one of the many interactive graphics.

  • More interactive:There’s no need for website searches anymore. Now users can scroll over icons, like on our Our Product Lines page, for quick and easy access to brochures and manuals that provide more in-depth product information.

Head to and start exploring today!

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June 2, 2015, 1:38 pm

Our New Consumer Website Gets Even Cooler, Even Hotter, our consumer-facing website, relaunched in February featuring a more user-friendly, visually appealing and interactive design. We shared some enhancements with you then; now, we’re digging a little deeper.

Here are four recent changes that bolster visitors’ experience:

  • An upgraded Products page lets users browse our full line of residential technologies. A wealth of product information is readily available and can be downloaded with just a click of a button. Sections focusing specifically on single- and multi-room applications help visitors quickly and effortlessly locate applicable products and solutions.

  • An upgraded Case Studies section on the Showcases page lets visitors explore Mitsubishi Electric installations in buildings throughout the U.S. Visitors can download a PDF of each study to read the full story and share it with others. This section also now brings attention to our 100-plus testimonial videos, linking to our full YouTube library.

  • A guided dealer search chauffeurs visitors through the contractor selection process, making it easier for homeowners to connect with highly qualified HVAC contractors in their area.

  • An enhanced warranty confirmation now arrives via email when consumers register their Mitsubishi Electric products, offering important information for record keeping (e.g., serial numbers of the registered units) and peace of mind.

Head to and start exploring!

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February 19, 2015, 2:27 pm

Our New Consumer Website Goes Live!

February 19_Comfort Site Relaunch, our consumer-facing website, relaunched yesterday and features a revamped design!

We’ve enhanced our website to offer users the same personalized and pleasurable experiences they enjoy with our products. The new is:

  • More user-friendly: is compatible with iPads and smartphones, allowing users to easily access the website from anywhere, at anytime. The new website also offers more intuitive search functions – such as the Dealer Zip Code feature – to deliver quality, comprehensive results and information more quickly and conveniently.

  • More visually appealing: More visuals and less text make the website more enjoyable to navigate and the information easier to read and understand. The sleek, modern layout features high-quality photography throughout, creating a more sophisticated, editorial look and feel.

  • More interactive: There’s no need for individual website searches anymore. Now users can scroll over icons on a product page for quick and easy access to brochures, manuals, photos and videos that provide more in-depth product information. We’ve also improved the website’s “shareability.” Users can easily send information to family, friends and colleagues via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, with just a click of a button.

We’ll highlight more of the new website’s bells and whistles in a blog post next month. In the meantime, head to and start exploring!

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June 5, 2014, 10:15 am

Expanded Revit Families Enhance Specifying Experience

Users can now specify our products and systems more easily and quickly with our expanded offering of families of files that work within the high-quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) software interface, Autodesk Revit® (Revit).

The expanded offering features 115 Revit families, which include all of our products on the market through 2013. The new content offering provides a faster optimization of building design and allows professionals to bring their ideas to life while saving time and money directly from their desktop. The models are loaded with features to get the most out of BIM:

  • MEP connectors.

  • Shared parameters.

  • Complete manufacturer metadata.

  • Geometry that is constrained to references.

Also available are 3-D CAD files, schedules for each equipment type as well as PDF content guides and tutorials for each model.

Watch the YouTube video above to learn more about our Revit updates. Click here to start using our products in your building designs.

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July 22, 2013, 10:50 am

The Beauty of Designing with VRF Zoning Systems

In the most recent edition of our Architect newsletter, we addressed the dilemma architects often face when combining innovation with comfort in their designs. The solution: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems. VRF zoning technology opens the doors to limitless design possibilities and allows architects to strike that perfect balance between extraordinary design and optimal comfort. Here are some of the reasons why:

July 22_Why Architects Love ME VRF-Ductless Technologies ImageSpace-saving Interior Design: Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning systems allow you to reclaim up to 10 percent of the space that would otherwise be sacrificed with conventional HVAC systems, leaving more room for design creativity. Turner Construction Company decided our VRF zoning system was ideally suited for its 13,000-square-foot office, which had been retrofitted from an old mattress factory built before air conditioning existed.

Engineered to Handle Any Job: Whether the space is large or small, a single floor or an entire building, VRF zoning systems can meet almost any design need. For instance, our systems have been used in all types of buildings, from the 9,212-square-foot LeyVa Middle School Administration Building to the luxurious Hotel Wilshire, a 74-room boutique hotel that incorporated our system into its design as it strived to achieve a LEED® Silver certification. In both these applications, the buildings benefitted from energy efficiency and exceptional zoned comfort.

Outdoor Aesthetics: The outdoor units of the VRF zoning systems have a small footprint and are lightweight. They can be placed in various locations depending on available space and visibility requirements. For the historic Muscatine County Courthouse, our compact VRF zoning system helped preserve the classic lines and grandeur of this 1907 Beaux Arts style courthouse.

For more reasons why VRF zoning systems and architects are the perfect match, click here to read the Architect newsletter.

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July 10, 2013, 1:45 pm

Interview with an Engineer: Ken Urbanek, MKK Consulting Engineers

Recently, we sat down with Ken Urbanek, associate director of engineering at MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc., Greenwood Village, Colo., the engineering group behind the recent Mitsubishi Electric installation at History Colorado Center in Denver. We wanted to hear about his experiences using our VRF zoning systems in this project and in his work in general. Here’s some of what Ken had to say:

Why did you initially specify Mitsubishi Electric VRF [Variable Refrigerant Flow] zoning systems?

July 10_Interview with an Engineer Image_Urbanek headshotKen Urbanek (KU): After Mitsubishi Electric representatives in the Denver metro area first presented the system to us, it was a couple of years before we found a project we felt it would be suited for. We knew it would have to be a project with a client who was both looking to improve energy efficiency and willing to look at new technology. One of the first was for some barracks at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Not only did VRF supply what the U.S. Corps of Engineers was looking for in its energy-efficiency goals, but it also lent itself to that type of dormitory environment, which had very specific zoning and needed individual temperature controls in each room.

Can you give us an example of a time when you chose a VRF zoning system instead of an alternative?

KU: We have selected the VRF system instead of geothermal at times. One example: We used VRF at a large maintenance facility for some of the new commuter trains that will be coming to Denver. It’s a big, four-story building with a lot of offices on the top floor. We wanted to go for LEED certification, so we looked at geothermal, but there was no space for a loop field, and we could get comparable energy efficiency with the VRF system.

In what specific applications is a VRF zoning system the obvious choice?

KU: For a retrofit of an existing historical building, the VRF system lends itself well to squeezing equipment into small systems. Same goes for hotel rooms and residential apartments, and for administrative buildings with a lot of offices. We’ll start working on a 130-year-old historical building soon, and we’re recommending VRF because the system doesn’t need a boiler room, and it doesn’t need a chiller that needs a lot of maintenance.

The complete interview can be found in the most recent issue of our Engineer newsletter. To subscribe to our newsletters, click here.

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June 7, 2013, 4:11 pm

Cortney Novogratz Talks Ductless Design During Media Blitz

June 7_Novogratz SMT Image
On June 4, design star and TV personality Cortney Novogratz appeared on TV and radio shows across America as our consumer spokesperson. Interviewed live from her Manhattan home, Novogratz tells viewers that there’s more to designing a home than spending money on fabrics and paint colors. Often, it’s about investing in your cooling and heating system that can make the biggest impact. Check out the video below and share it with customers this summer.

You can also encourage your customers to visit for more on why Cortney thinks our products are essential to a home’s design.

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June 6, 2013, 3:08 pm

CITY MULTI S-Series Takes Home Award

June 6_appliance DESIGN Award Win Image
Our new light commercial S-Series model (PUMY-P60NKMU) has won the Appliance DESIGN Excellence in Design Bronze Award! Winning designs were selected by an independent panel of design experts on the basis of creativity, ease of use and visual appeal.

To learn more about the award, click here. For more information about the S-Series, click here.

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