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December 7, 2016, 9:00 am

Grand Opening This Fall – Cape Cod Heat Pumps

In late September, one of our Elite Diamond Contractors™ in New England, Briggs Heating and Air Conditioning, opened its newest location: Cape Cod Heat Pumps, LLC, in Bourne, Massachusetts.

Cape Cod Heat Pumps provides design services, installation and follow-up servicing. They also display our products and home comfort accessories in an interactive showroom. All showroom equipment is fully operational, providing cooling and heating for the building. During the opening weekend, visitors to the showroom were eligible for a variety of prizes, including wall-mounted units, $2,000 toward a multi-zone system and a $2,000 rebate.

The opening of Cape Cod Heat Pumps coincided with the announcement of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Clean Heating & Cooling program. Our technology, combined with Cape Cod Heat Pumps’ expertise, will help meet the program’s energy goals over the next five years.

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May 25, 2016, 9:00 am

Diamond Contractor Spotlight: Darin Almeida

Our residential solutions provide convenient, specialized installations for contractors and comfortable, personalized spaces for homeowners. To see how Climate Heating and Cooling, Inc. brought targeted comfort to a home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, check out Diamond Contractor Darin Almeida on our Diamond Contractor Spotlight, featured on YouTube.

April 5, 2016, 12:22 pm

Last Chance to Take Advantage of Our “Bundle Up For Spring” Incentive Program

ME logo

In this spring season of rebirth and renewal, we are rewarding contractors who sell our ductless products on more jobs through our “Bundle Up For Spring” incentive program. But hurry, because the program ends on April 30, 2016.

For every qualified claim, we will reward the contractor monetarily via a prepaid Visa card, which will be reloaded as additional sales are reported. Other details include:

  • Contractors need to register claims on
  • Proof of purchase for verification (e.g. shipping receipt, invoice or packing list) should be uploaded, emailed or faxed. Units must be purchased during promotion dates (give promotion dates here February 15 – April 30, 2016).
  • Only residential applications qualify. Multifamily projects with an existing quote and/or special pricing do not qualify.
  • The deadline for contractors to submit claims is Friday, May 13, 2016.
  • Qualified equipment includes all M-Series unit, the new Altios™ system and the wireless interface for kumo cloud™.

For additional questions about the program, email or call (800) 278-1517.

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March 22, 2016, 9:00 am

Green Certification in Unexpected Applications

march 22

This year’s International Builders’ Show provided a perfect forum for Home Innovation Research Labs to showcase its annual report and the initial results of its National Green Building StandardTM (NGBS) certification program. The goal of this program was to create a flexible yet consistent building certification program with which builders and developers could certify green projects. With over 60,000 green certified projects to date, these results show the success of the NGBS program.

Most interestingly, the report highlighted a niche of distinct mixed-use facilities that may not have qualified as green-certified projects under other metrics. Some of these facilities included:

  • Student Housing. Student housing creates small but diverse communities in a single area. Schools can promote sustainability by installing high-performance insulation and ventilation products, but also by placing campus housing facilities, student resource buildings and social life nearby one another, making it easier for students to make sustainable choices to walk or bike rather than take a car.
  • Military Housing. Servicemen, servicewomen and veterans bring to the building industry a variety of need-based applications. For example, in Liberty Hill, Texas, Staff Sergeant Ray Coffey needed a cold, dark space to help manage the after-effects of his service.
  • Rescue Facilities. Rescue facilities – firehouses, and emergency stations where first responders must remain on-call – typically have residential floors where professionals on call can sleep, cook and commune. These facilities also have the business component of a garage and dispatch. In some cases, these facilities could even be registered as a “residence with an exceptionally large garage.”
  • Supportive Shelters. In low-incoming housing, having cost-saving options but still providing noticeable comfort is right in line with the mission. Often these are varied spaces with multiple kitchens and residences, as well as community and enrichment rooms.

For more ideas about how to redefine sustainable building, click here to read the full annual report.

March 15, 2016, 9:00 am

Big Questions Coming out of ACCA 2016; Tell Us Your Thoughts!


In Charlotte, North Carolina, contractors had a wonderful opportunity to explore and discuss industry trends challenging both contractors and manufacturers at ACCA 2016. Our corporate sponsorship led to the invitation of Steve O’Brien, vice president, residential business, to participate in a CEO/Contractor Forum discussing changes in the industry. The conversation was particularly relevant in a presidential election year when the opportunity for change is key.

In addition to discussing what the impact of the election would mean for contractors, the question that got the most buzz was, “What will be the Uber of the contracting industry?” For public transportation, Uber made taxis personal, placing them at the beck and call of customers at an instant through their phones, regardless of location.

In the HVAC industry, an “Uber” entering the market might mean an increased use of app-based cooling and heating interactions, both with systems and professionals. One Uber driver even retweeted, “It’s about interacting more comfortably w/ contractor. No interruption in the convo.”

So what do you think the Uber of the HVAC industry will be? Comment below!

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November 3, 2015, 10:10 am

Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: You Have to Take Action

Oct 29 #6 (1)


Last week’s two breakout sessions involved hypothetical rocks, pebbles and boulders, and an actual, healthy dose of AC/DC. Which is to say, attendees were encouraged to ask tough questions about their business practices and then take action.


John Kennedy, owner of John Kennedy Consulting, walked attendees through his four-step strategic planning exercise that will make their companies “not just good, but great.” Attendees learned how to establish their companies’ core values and identify current strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats; how to evaluate the performance of their people and processes; and what it looks like to pinpoint the actions that must now be taken. Attendees exited with an achievable game plan for themselves, their team and their company to implement over the next month, six months and year.


Mike Agugliaro, founder of CEO Warrior, stressed the importance of avoiding complacency, even when we think our companies are already successful. That means hiring the right people, which Agugliaro said takes great marketing skills, and managing them in the right way. It also means identifying and moving past your limiting beliefs.


Agugliaro also made a “big-ass promise – to make or save you $250,000,” and had attendees sprinting to the front of the room to collect $20 bills, books and CDs. “You’ve got to have a level of power and energy. You have to take action.”


Sending attendees home with not just new ideas, but new practices to implement, is always a goal of ours. (The $20 bills were a surprise to us, too!) We look forward to circling back in a year and seeing what attendees made of it all. We have a feeling they’ll have done something remarkable.

November 2, 2015, 2:09 pm

Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: Updates to the Diamond Contractor Program

Last week, there was a big reveal! John Wright, manager of the Diamond Contractor™ program, announced changes to the program effectiveJanuary 1, 2016. He noted the need for change; what started as a small group of contractors 23 years ago has grown into a network of over 3,000 top-notch pros around the country. So many Diamond Contractors out there is great news, but it can complicate a homeowner’s task of deciding who to work with. Wright said, “For the last two and a half years, we’ve been working to establish a tiered program. The goal is to give you the best tools and resources to sell our best-in-class products.”

That tiered program, launching in about two months, will have three levels of achievement: Diamond Contractor, Diamond Contractor Preferred and Diamond Contractor Elite. Using warranty registrations, we’ll track the number of systems each contractor purchases. That number will be considered alongside five key performance indicators – marketing, training, service, sales and customer satisfaction – to determine which tier a contractor has achieved.

Once contractors have been identified as earning a certain tier, they’ll be able to advertise themselves to customers as tier members. Contractors will be able to use a tier’s logo on a truck wrap, for example. Contractors can also move higher up in search results on our Comfort website, and will eventually have icons/badges associated with their offerings (e.g., financing).

Finding customers can be hard. Helping customers find you can be even harder. We’re eager to launch our revamped Diamond Contractor Program, and in doing so help and celebrate our best contractors.

October 29, 2015, 12:27 pm

Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: Growing Your Business

Oct 29 #2 (1)2

Earlier this week, two breakout sessions stressed the importance of growing your business in sync with the changing marketplace. Our speakers shared ideas and inspiration with contractors regarding the power of lead tracking and reinventing your entire sales and marketing approach.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Contractor™, Mike Cappuccio of N.E.T.R. Inc., hosted the session “How to Build Your Ductless Business.” He illustrated his entire lead tracking process, starting with generating basic information about website visitors via HubSpot, and ultimately ending with a sale. “The process takes a long time – two to six months, sometimes longer. It’s all about constant communication.”

Cappuccio urged fellow contractors to focus on consistent, meaningful communication. His company’s website offers material for customers such as videos, case studies and articles. When he sees a customer viewing articles about rebates, he learns that money is a key decision factor for that person. He then targets his messaging, sometimes for a full year. The sale is only then possible because, when the customer is finally ready to buy, they think of his company.

Monte Lewis, partner, Lewis Associates, Inc., hosted the session “Reinvention,” urging attendees to evolve with a customer base that has changed and is in fact always changing. If HVAC customers have previously been older, moneyed and loyal, the new customers are younger, lacking money and not as invested in loyalty. Achieving success, Lewis said, therefore involves meeting the customer where they are.

Lewis discussed the “forces of commoditization that have changed everything”: the Internet, globalization, automation, product parity, disintermediation, immediacy and consolidation. He said these forces impact consumer experiences in a way that contractors must be aware of and respond to. As a result, contractors must better educate customers on what differentiates their products and their services.

Hearing success stories and ideas for new achievements is always one of our favorite parts of the Diamond Contractor Conference. What’s your favorite part of our conferences? Share your answer in a Comment.

October 28, 2015, 2:50 pm

Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: Shifts and Strategies

Oct 28 #3

Yesterday Steve O’Brien, vice president, residential business, quoted JP Morgan as saying, “To move beyond 15 percent penetration [in ductless], a major shift in market preference is needed.” O’Brien told conference attendees: “We’ll capture the available market share, then we’ll increase the market share. We’re going to see more than 15 percent penetration.” How? Through nine Residential Strategy Priorities he shared with attendees.

John Stowell, senior director of marketing said, “Ultimately the goal is to get you better-qualified, better-nurtured leads.” He covered multiple programs and initiatives we’ve undertaken to accomplish this goal.

Mike Smith, senior marketing manager, residential, concluded the session by talking about various initiatives we’ve explored to help contractors sell better and sell more. These include DIY Blog Cabin, PGA tour support, rewards programs, a spokesperson deal with Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” and regional marketing materials, among others.

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October 28, 2015, 2:45 pm

Diamond Contractor™ Conference 2015: Whole-home Solutions

Oct 28 #2 (1)2

Expanding whole-home solutions has come up at lot at the conference, which is no surprise given that it’s been identified as one of our top business strategies. Steve Scarborough, south business unit sales manager, residential, introduced the topic yesterday. “Seventy percent of homes in the United States have inadequate airflow leading to rooms that are too hot or too cold.” With 48 million existing homes in the market today, that’s a whole lot of homeowners who could benefit from whole-home solutions. Our goal, he noted, is to provide contractors with the tools that help close the deal – “ultimately, a national marketing campaign, more marketable products, fewer callbacks and a smart way to respond to homeowner demand for comfort throughout the home.”

Michelle Robb, director, product planning, and Charles Miltiades, senior product manager, controls, continued this conversation by discussing the products that help close the deal, and the thoughts that go into product design. “We’re aware that energy costs, controls systems, zone control and replacing existing equipment are big issues for contractors because they’re big issues for your customers,” Robb said.

Miltiades called out kumo cloud™ – a new app and web service enabling wireless control of our systems – as being a benefit to whole-home solutions. Homeowners will monitor and operate their HVAC systems from their smartphones – something they are increasingly demanding.

Robb is familiar with this demand, having installed a Diamond Comfort System in her own home this month – something she is confident was a good decision. She said contractors must work to educate their buyers so buyers can make their own good decisions. “Why did I buy into Diamond Comfort Systems? I’m an informed consumer because I’m in the industry, but beyond that my contractor took the time to review what the 20-year age of my ductwork meant – something I hadn’t thought about as fully. That made a big difference for me. So you need to inform your customer.”

What might customers want to hear about? Whole-home solutions and kumo cloud are a great start.

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