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October 13, 2015, 2:57 pm

Bob Vila on Common Comfort Complaints

Hot and cold spots, unnecessary energy use and obstructed views are common HVAC complaints. We’ve teamed up with Bob Vila and his crew to educate homeowners on a solution that solves it all: ductless HVAC.

The first two posts of the 10-part series on focused on the engineering behind the technology. Posts 3, 4 and 5 address those all-too-familiar annoyances. Here’s an overview of each, so you know which posts to share with your customers.

5 Overlooked Ways to Cool Down a Hot Room
Many homeowners’ rooms just won’t get thermally comfortable. Some homeowners try to cope; others try wasteful, ineffective space heaters and window units. Our ductless system is the lasting solution. It continuously monitors a space and automatically adjusts to deliver year-round comfort efficiently and effectively.

Save Money and Live Better with Multizone HVAC
Central HVAC is inherently wasteful. It forces homeowners to cool or heat unoccupied spaces. Ductless gives homeowners more control. They can adjust the temperature on the first floor when they go to bed and turn units off in their children’s room when they go to college. As the Bob Vila team says, ductless systems “are able to adapt to how people actually live.”

The Best Alternative to a Window Air Conditioner
Window units are loud and unattractive. Ductless systems, however, are ultra-quiet and nonintrusive. Our indoor units operate as low as 19 dB(A) – quieter than a whisper. And while there’s only one way to install a window unit, there’s plenty of ways to install ductless. Mount an indoor unit on the wall, floor or ceiling. Install outdoor units out of sight – camouflaged within landscaping or hidden beneath a deck, for example.

What customer complaint has ductless solved for you? Let us know in a comment below!

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July 30, 2015, 11:59 am

Vila & Us – A Vigorous Team

Bob Vila started his own residential remodeling business in the 70s and starred on a first-of-its-kind home improvement TV show for over 30 years, changing the “perceptions of what a home can be.” From Day 1, Bob has recognized that helping people improve their homes can enhance their lives. We’re joining him in his quest by educating people on the healthiest, most efficient and cost-effective comfort solution for their home – ductless HVAC.

In a 10-part series of posts from now through December 2015, Bob and his team will highlight the benefits of ductless technology and share experiences with our ductless systems. In the inaugural post, “Ditch the Ducts: Choose Ductless HVAC for Savings and Comfort,” focused on the “pitfalls” of the age-old ducted systems and why homeowners should consider the newer alternative. In the second post, “Next-Generation Ductless HVAC Brings Home Total Comfort,” Bob and his team zero in on the innovative engineering that allows ductless systems to perform better and cost less than traditional cooling and heating systems.

Head to to hear it directly from Bob. Stay tuned for more from America’s plaid-clad handyman.

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