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Recapping Our Weekend in The City of Brotherly Love

We had the chance to network with over 20,000 architects in Philadelphia last week during the 2016 AIA Convention hosted by the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This provided a hands-on experience for architects to be exposed to our MVZ multi-position air handling unit – a perfect solution for architects designing unique spaces, especially in tight, urban designs. Our MVZ units are versatile because of the ability to be fully disassembled and reassembled. This allows the units to accommodate tight spaces – such as attics or closets – while being stored horizontally or vertically and offering airflow up, down, left or right.

AIA was a great event for architects to mingle as well, choosing from a variety of activities, including morning yoga and evening runs. There were also keynote speakers in the afternoon and we offered a Jet Towel raffle for anyone who left their business card at our booth during the convention. The City of Brotherly Love is an ideal location for architects to be influenced by aesthetic. We were fortunate to be part of that experience and look forward to 2017 AIA.

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Diamond Contractor Spotlight: Darin Almeida

Our residential solutions provide convenient, specialized installations for contractors and comfortable, personalized spaces for homeowners. To see how Climate Heating and Cooling, Inc. brought targeted comfort to a home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, check out Diamond Contractor Darin Almeida on our Diamond Contractor Spotlight, featured on YouTube.

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Now Available – The Advanced Heating Technology White Paper

Advanced Heating Technology White Paper

Winter is over, but it will be back, and our latest White Paper discusses Advanced Heating Technology, which explains why Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are a smart solution in even the coldest of climates. This new tool reinforces our brand’s leadership and expertise, and will help you provide customers with the best cold weather solutions.

Highlights from this most recent White Paper include information regarding how advanced heating technology works, defrost cycles, cold weather accessories, features, benefits and case studies. VRF systems are an efficient heat source even as low as minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit (ambient). This White Paper explains to readers how this is possible and addresses any misconceptions about the technology.

Click here to read the entire Advanced Heating Technology White Paper.

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Project Profile: North End Apartments

In Boston’s historic North End, the combination of extreme cold weather and colonial architecture make bringing comfort systems into old, closed-off buildings a demanding challenge. This is especially difficult while trying to maintain the charm and aesthetic of these structures.

Matt Donaghey – builder and managing director at Cricket Realty Holdings, LLC, Waltham, Massachusetts – was familiar with our products. Because of this, he knew that they would be the ideal fit for the strict demands of his Prince Street apartment building. “For the space, we knew that this system was the only realistic option,” Donaghey said.

Part of that was guaranteeing operation during extreme weather. “Usually, the cold isn’t something we need to consider all that often – most systems can handle our weather – but last year (when Boston experienced record snowfall) that really changed. Now we need something that can be highly efficient, especially in really cold weather.” This was the mindset that brought Donaghey to the decision to select our compact Zoning Comfort Solutions™ with Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ (H2i®) technology.

A once old and inefficient building that relied on unattractive window units for cooling and an ancient boiler for heating now has a clean look and reliable efficiency – not to mention heat! “When you have continuous days of sub-zero weather, you have to have the confidence that the system can continue to work,” Donaghey said of his completed project.

To read more about the North End Apartments, check out the case study.

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Shades of Comfort

We always work to make our Zoned Comfort Solutions™ fit personally into consumers’ homes and lives. Our newest television ad series, “Shades of Comfort,” shows how our zoning systems help each family member stay comfortable – whether they are sitting down to dinner together or reading in a room alone. It also shows the power of saving money by not conditioning unoccupied rooms! In short, it’s a visual representation of what it means to personalize one’s comfort. The new ad series went live in March on Golf Channel, where it will run for the remainder of 2016. It will also be featured throughout the summer on home improvement channels such as DIY and HGTV, as well as other national cable channels like Food Network, Travel Channel and Discovery.

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Welcome Home to the Dowdells


On Thursday, April 14, U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Jonathan Dowdell and his family were welcomed into their new home in League City, Texas. The home was built and gifted by our partner, Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH), a non-profit organization focused on building mortgage-free homes for veterans. This is the 100th such home donated by OFH over the last 10 years and in 30 different states.

Cpl. Dowdell served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and earned a Purple Heart while conducting an investigation of a compound where it was suspected that IEDs were being manufactured. The explosion of a pressure plate IED left Dowdell with severe injuries, including the amputation of both legs and his left index finger.

Built by Harbour Classic Builders, LLC out of the Houston Bay Area, our zoning system helped provide the Dowdell family with a comfortable home. Some unique features of the home include a garage floor painted with the Dowdell family name and a back patio and grilling area that hosted a welcome home barbeque and dedication ceremony.

We are proud that our products have had a part in the OFH initiative and we’re especially happy to finally welcome the Dowdell family home.

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Lasting Impact From Our Trip to Cabo

april 28

One of the events at our Diamond Partner Conference last month in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was a local market fundraiser. A portion of the profits raised were donated to Los Niños del Capitán – an area childcare and kindergarten facility. At the market, local vendors sold handmade crafts and goods. Attendees were given “Mitsubucks” (the equivalent of 20 dollars) to put toward items like ceramics, frames, jewelry, clothing, purses and coasters. Goods were also available for standard currency once the Mitsubishi Bucks were exhausted.

All told, participants raised enough money to sponsor a student at Los Niños de Capitán for five months! There are 120 children currently enrolled at Los Niños de Capitán. They participate in regular classes, extra-curricular activities and sports. The money also goes toward providing healthy meals and staff for the students.

We want to thank everyone who helped us to give back to this community. For those who were there and purchased items, we also hope you’re still enjoying them!

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Projects From Our Colleagues: Morgan & Associates, Kansas City

Our colleagues in Kansas City, Kansas, Morgan & Associates, Inc., have been doing some meaningful work specifying our Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) products. Recently, they helped the Mercy & Truth Medical Clinic – a faith-based, childbirth facility – renovate its building, which re-opened last month. The alliance between the Mercy & Truth Medical Mission and the New Birth Company is working to help fight the high infant mortality rate impacting Wyandotte County, Kansas. We’re proud that Morgan & Associates are a part of this initiative.

As can be expected, birthing facilities demand a specific environment to help keep mothers and their newborns healthy, safe and comfortable. Bringing adequate air flow into the birthing rooms meant maneuvering through three rooms on the first floor of the renovated brick building. Morgan & Associates recognized that recommending and installing VRF would provide maximum flexibility between the offices, exam rooms and birthing suites – each having its own comfort needs.

For the birthing suites and nursing station, Mercy & Truth selected our CITY MULTI® VRF technology with heat recovery, while the remaining office space runs on our standard VRF heat pumps. Morgan Knipp, president of Morgan & Associates, said, “Being able to contribute our expertise in the HVAC area to help counteract this frightening infant mortality rate serves such a higher purpose. We are eager to see that statistic change and the lives transformed from this place.”

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It’s Earth Day!

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Compact Enough for Your Beach Bag – The Tiny Surf House on HGTV

Tiny House Big Living

This Sunday, April 24, HGTV will be re-airing the episode “Mark and Jen’s Tiny Surf House” on the show Tiny House, Big Living. Complete with a kitchen, bedroom, office and loft space, as well as a patio and garage, this home covers just 224 square feet. A single Mitsubishi Electric split-ductless unit conditions the entire space.

To see more of the Tiny Surf House, tune into HGTV on Sunday at 12 p.m. EST.

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